Chocolate Molten Cake 7

A combination of chocolate truffle cake and a soufflé, Served with Brazilian coffee ice cream

Chocolate Covered Tiramisu 8

An Italian favorite, ladyfingers soaked in espresso, mascarpone cheese and dipped in chocolate giving it a ROG twist

Mississippi Mud Cake 7

A rich chocolate brownie cake covered with chocolate mousse, topped with brownie chunks and finished with chocolate ganache

Key Lime Pie 7

Rich, buttery graham crust with a creamy key lime filling

New York Cheesecake 7

Creamy authentic NY style topped with graham crumbs

Limoncello Mascarpone Cake 7

Rich combination of lemon infused sponge cake with a lemon mascarpone filling finished with European white chocolate shavings. Perfect combination of sweet & tart

Ice Cream 6

Ask your server for today’s flavors and select toppings

Trio Sorbet 7

Ask your server for today’s flavors

Gelato 7

Ask your server for today’s flavors